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Homeowner Insurance Focus

  1. Homeowner insurance policy endorsement
  2. Vandalism damage and your insurance
  3. Recorded statements and homeowner insurance claims
  4. Business Property Insurance: Is my business personal property covered under my Homeowner Policy?
  5. Firearm Liability Coverage: Am I covered by my Homeowner insurance Policy for injury or damage?
  6. Firearms Insurance Coverage: Coverage under Section I of the Homeowner Insurance Policy for firearms
  7. Do I need an attorney for an Examination Under Oath?
  8. What is Reference under Massachusetts H0-3 Insurance Policy?
  9. What are some tips for a Homeowner Insurance HO-3 Claim?
  10. Duties and Obligations under a Homeowner Three Insurance Policy
  11. Non-Waiver and Reservation of Rights under Homeowners Insurance Policy
  12. Surface Water Exclusion Under Homeowner Three Insurance Policy
  13. Freeze Up Under a Homeowner Three Policy
  14. Statute of Limitations for Homeowner Claims
  15. What is Mediation?
  16. What is Actual Cash Value and Replacement Cost Value?
  17. What is a Massachusetts Homeowner HO-3 Policy?
  18. Do I need an Attorney for my homeowners insurance claim?

Home Improvement Contract Focus

  1. Home improvement contract cancellation
  2. Contractor demanding final payment
  3. Introduction to Home Owner Repair (M.G.L. c 142A)
  4. Things to Consider Before Signing a Home Improvement Contract
  5. Home Improvement Project Gone Wrong: Do I need an attorney?
  6. Home Improvement Renovations: What should I look for in a contractor?

Business Focus

  1. What are some Account Receivable Collection Tips for Small Businesses?