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Recovering on unpaid or over-due homeowner claims is a serious and important matter. It is important that you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has your insurance claim been paid?
  • Has your insurance company made a fair offer of settlement?
  • How long has your insurance claim been open?
  • Is your insurance company communicating with you?


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In summary, a homeowners insurance policy is a contract between a homeowner and insurance company that protects a homeowner when their home is damaged and/or destroyed.

Depending upon the type of policy in place, the insurance company, upon the presentation of damage, will verify the claim, put a value on the damage and pay the homeowner the amount necessary to repair and/or replace the damage subject to the policy deductible and any applicable limitation and/or exclusion.

Insurance companies have a duty of good faith and fair dealing and when they don’t deal fairly with the policyholder, the policyholder/homeowner has a right to sue the insurance company for acting in “bad faith”.

Insurance companies have an obligation to respond to a claim within a reasonable time, and they have the obligation to reasonably communicate with the policyholder/homeowner and not to deny a homeowner claim without a proper investigation.