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How Can We Help You with Your
Homeowners or Business Owners Insurance Claim?

The Law Office of Feener & Wehrli LLC can assist you in recovering for your property damage.

Attorney Feener has experience in general commercial property policies, general liability policies, business owner policies, and manuscript policies.

We can assist you in getting what the insurance company promised you.

We can take the necessary steps to assist you in dealing with the insurance company adjuster who is handling your property damage claim.

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For the attention and devotion your property damage claim deserves


You have a right to a fair and adequate investigation and to have your property damages fairly evaluated.

This office has substantial experience in property damage claims, including but not limited to:

  • Fire and water damage
  • Construction claims and damage
  • Industrial claims and damage
  • Electrical, mechanical, and sprinkler failures

The Law Office of Feener & Wehrli LLC can assist you in dealing with the insurance claim details, allowing you to get your business back in business.

Commercial insurance policies can be difficult to read and interpret. The Law Office of Feener & Wehrli LLC can provide assistance in helping you to understand your insurance coverage including:

  • The policy coverage
  • The policy benefits
  • The policy limitations and/or exclusions
  • Whether the policy provides coverage for your property
  • Whether the insurance policy provides coverage to defend and indemnify you in the event of a claim