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Commercial Landlord Rights Under Massachusetts Law


The Law Office of Gordon E Feener, Esq. provides legal assistance in the areas of commercial leases as well as those seeking non-residential and commercial evictions.

As a commercial landlord, you have a right to enforce your commercial lease pursuant to the terms of the lease.

In Summary, the Uniform Summary Process Rules provides landlords with an avenue to expeditiously enforce rights pursuant to the lease and evict a commercial tenant for lease violations or non-payment of rent.

The Law Office of Gordon E Feener, Esq. can provide you with advice regarding commercial lease contracts and provide you with assistance in the following areas:

  •      Commercial Lease Negotiations
  •      Commercial Lease Review
  •      Commercial Lease Disputes
  •      Insurance Claims Assistance

If you are a commercial landlord seeking to evict a commercial/business tenant for lease violations or non-payment of rent, or are looking for assistance in drafting/review a commercial lease, please do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of Gordon E Feener, Esq.

Please visit our Contact page or fill out the form on the this page to contact this office concerning your commercial case. Once we receive your information, we will make every effort to promptly respond as your concerns are important to us.

This office does not handle residential leases and/or evictions.


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