Business and Litigation Lawyer in Downtown Boston

The Law Office of Feener & Wehrli LLC focuses on business, insurance and employment litigation. Conveniently located in downtown Boston, our office is accessible with considerable parking options, via train or taxi. We maintain a limited caseload which allows us to maximize the attention that your case deserves.

Homeowner Claims Attorney

We have assisted homeowners and property owners with recovery of money for their insurance claims. If your property has been damaged by causes such as fire and water, or electrical, mechanical or sprinkler failures, you have a right to file a claim with your insurance company. When your valid insurance claim has been denied, you also have a right to an attorney. Our office can assist you in three key areas:

  1. Property Claims
  2. Homeowner Claims
  3. Life Insurance Claims


Recovery for Unfair Home Improvement Construction Practices

Are you the victim of unfair home improvement construction practices? As a homeowner, you should never have to deal with disputes with your contractor concerning the quality, expense or timeliness of your home improvement construction or remodeling work. We understand that it can be frustrating to deal with disputes with your contractor and can work to help recover money, including multiple damages and attorney’s fees, from your contractor for the harm you have suffered.


Boston Commercial (Non-Consumer) Collection Attorney

A small business should never have to deal with late payments, overdue billing or the collection of disputed assets. These areas can be damaging to the business and take away from your key focus: making  customers happy. After more than 20 years of commercial collection experience, we see that utilizing the services of a small business attorney can minimize the time spent in the courtroom and in dispute. We offer a no-obligation consultation to consider your case and we can assist small business owners in the area of:

  1. Commercial Collection
  2. Business Disputes
  3. Commercial Leases and Evictions


Litigation Lawyer for Defending Against Unfair Treatment

Are you are the victim of an unfair insurance or unfair business practice? This treatment can take many forms, such as an insurance company changing information on an application without the policyholder’s knowledge, or denying claims based upon misrepresentation of the policy or significant facts. Defend against these practices by the insurance company by retaining a lawyer. We may be able to help you receive compensation for your unfair treatment.


Recovery For Unpaid Wages, Overtime And Commissions

Are you a victim of employer abuse concerning earned unpaid wages, overtime, and commissions? Under Massachusetts law, employers are held to a high standard in regards to the treatment and payment of employees. Even with these high standard, employers often don’t abide by the laws and employees are left without their rightfully earned pay. We have assisted others in obtaining earned compensation for their work and services. We understand that this earned unpaid wages, overtime, and commissions can be crucial to your well-being. If you have an earned wage and hour dispute, please give us a call. There are significant remedies available and we may be able to assist you receiving your earned compensation in the areas of:

  1. Unpaid Wages
  2. Unpaid Overtime
  3. Unpaid Commissions


Unsure whether your issue will need legal representation? Contact our office using the form on the right, or give us a call at 617-420-7700 for a no obligation consultation.