The Law Office of Gordon E Feener, Esq. can provide legal assistance in the event that the insurance company has failed in their promise.

As the insured in an insurance contract, you have the right to the fair adjustment of a claim and to receive what the insurance company promised you.

You have no obligation to accept a lowball offer from your insurance company. You have a right to a fair and equitable settlement.

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You have a right against unfair denials and/or delays of processing your claim.

Should your claim be denied, you have a right to know why the claim was denied.

Most insurance adjusters attempt to be fair in their processing of your claim and do respect your insurance rights. However, you have a right not to be subjected to unreasonable harassment or bullying by an overzealous insurance adjuster.

The Law Office of Gordon E Feener, Esq. can help protect you and uphold the insurance company’s obligation to make proper payment where liability is reasonably clear.

When the insurance company does not uphold their obligation, you are entitled to proceed in court with the insurance company.