Being a homeowner is hard work and we know that hiring contractors for home improvement or remodelling can often turn into a disaster. As a homeowner you should never have to deal with:

  • Contractors abandoning your project,
  • Contractors failing to complete your project,
  • Contractors operating without a proper certificate of registration or permits,
  • Disputes with your contractor concerning the quality of work performed,
  • Unjustified delays in the work performed,
  • Failing to receive a contract for work valued at over $1,000.00,
  • Demands for additional money by the contractor, and
  • Overbilling by your home improvement contractor.

Under the law, contractors are required to abide by the home improvement statute in order to prevent the unfair treatment of the homeowner.

Any violation of the home improvement statute may subject the contractor to pay you multiple damages and attorney’s fees for the harm you have suffered.

As a homeowner you have a right to have the home improvement or remodelling work on your house performed correctly and a right to a signed contract for home improvement projects over $1,000.00.

If your contractor has abandoned your project or you are suffering from disputes with you contractor, we may be able to assist you recover money, including multiple damages and attorney’s fees, from the contractor for your unfair treatment.

Please give us a call so that we may assist you in your home improvement dispute and to recover the money you deserve.